Best electric cars for 2021

There has never been a better time to make the jump to an electric vehicle than right now. Seriously. The technology is better than it’s ever been. Even the most pedestrian of production EVs offer ranges that will get most Americans through at least a day or two of commuting in between charges.

The problem is figuring out which of the many electric vehicles on sale today will best fit your life and your budget. Do you want something cheaper and with a more limited range, or do you want to pony up some cash for luxury features and enough

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Hyundai will replace battery systems in $900M EV recall

SEOUL — Hyundai will replace battery systems in 82,000 electric vehicles globally due to fire risks — a costly $900 million recall that lays bare the thorny issue of how car and battery makers split the bill when problems arise.

The recall is one of the first mass battery pack replacements conducted by a major automaker.

“It’s very significant for both Hyundai and LG as we are in the early stages of the electric vehicle era. How Hyundai handles this will set a precedent not just in South Korea but also for other countries,” said Lee Hang-koo, senior researcher at

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Why Gerry McGovern is the right man to steer Jaguar reinvention

JLR’s new CEO, Thierry Bollore, who last week detailed much of the company’s strategy, said Jaguar is moving away from SUV-like vehicles to create a separate identity from Land Rover. While we don’t yet know the body styles of the new Jaguars, we do know they are going to be far more opulent and expensive than current Jaguars. The new Jaguar lineup will be moving upmarket to compete with some models from Bentley and Aston Martin, two sources told Automotive News.

McGovern has proved his team can design a vehicle every bit as stylish and luxurious as a Bentley

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Car dealer lots could stay emptier long term

When General Motors launched its “employee discount for everyone” sale in the spring of 2005, its U.S. dealerships had nearly 1.2 million vehicles crammed onto their lots.

This winter, the automaker has only about one-third that much inventory. Many pickups and SUVs have buyers within days of arrival, or even before they come off the delivery truck.

It’s no coincidence that GM expects to earn about the same amount this year — at least $10 billion, it projected this month — as it lost in 2005. Executives at GM and other automakers, after pandemic-induced factory disruptions showed what tight supplies

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Is This the Biggest Winner from Rivian Automotive’s Massive IPO?

2020 was the year of the electric vehicle stock! Encouraged by Tesla‘s strong performance, last year saw a deluge of EV automakers debut on the public markets via IPO or via a reverse merger with a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC.

Still, there was one high-profile holdout: Rivian Automotive. Founder and CEO Robert “RJ” Scaringe downplayed Rivian’s IPO intentions, noting as late as November the company was focused on production in response to an IPO-related question. That’s why investors were pleasantly surprised earlier this month when Bloomberg reported the company was prepping to go public with a possible

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Grote Automotive gifts van to grieving family

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Getting around town just got a whole lot easier for grandmother Ruthie Lucas.

Lucas was surprised with a 2016 Chrysler Town & Country van at Grote Automotive Sunday afternoon.

Lucas has been caring for her five grandchildren since their mother died from a medical emergency two weeks before Thanksgiving last year. It has been a huge financial undertaking for her, and after seeing her struggles, loved ones and strangers stepped up to make their lives a little easier.

“We saw it on [WANE] 15 but Mary [Oakman], her best friend, is the one that contacted

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LaVera Daisy, Rondo Days booster, dies after being hit by car in parking lot

Born and raised in St. Paul’s historic Rondo neighborhood, LaVera Daisy never strayed too far from home, devoting her life to her community with activism, music and a storied legacy rooted in faith and justice.

Daisy died Feb. 17 after being struck by a vehicle while walking through the Veterans Affairs parking lot in Minneapolis with her husband, Leon Daisy, who remains hospitalized in critical condition. He was at the VA to get a COVID-19 vaccine, but they never made it to the front door.

“I wasn’t expecting this, my wife leaving me before I leave her,” Leon Daisy said

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Pete Buttigieg Bike Commute – Buttigieg’s Bike Seat Height Is Just Fine

The Washington PostGetty Images

Pete Buttigieg unintentionally got himself a healthy dose of feedback from Cyclist Twitter.

Politico reporter Michael Stratford tweeted a short video of the freshly confirmed Secretary of Transportation riding a bike home from work through Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood on Thursday, February 25. The video—which, as of this writing, has over a million views—is 11 seconds long and appears to have been shot from a vantage point roughly near the Hubble telescope, albeit with slightly grainier picture quality.

Sign up for Bicycling All Access, and we’ll keep you updated with what Pete Buttigieg

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Achieving Resilience Amid Profound Change

By Poornima Apte

The transportation industry is bracing for significant changes. 

While e-commerce is projected to expand, a shortage of truckers who haul freight across the country is expected to linger. Add in rising freight weights, escalating consumer demands for quicker deliveries and penalties for missing delivery windows, and companies have a steep hill to climb when it comes to transporting goods.

Given that nearly 73% of goods in the United States moved by truck

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Biden’s auto industry job promises are questionable

Speaking of extreme weather, some EV policy positions have shifted as swiftly as the wind.

General Motors was firmly behind former President Donald Trump’s efforts to strip California’s zero-emission vehicle mandate until it was firmly behind Biden’s efforts to promote EVs.

GM has a game plan that it had to keep on the shelf during the Trump years, especially after the president opposed extending the federal EV tax credit that expired for exactly two companies, both based in the U.S.: GM and Tesla.

Now, GM, with its “aspirations” toward a zero-emission lineup by 2035, probably thinks that if electric powertrains

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Google Tells Search Users It’s a Good Idea to Throw Car Batteries Into the Ocean

The Internet is a weird, wild repository for the breadth of human knowledge and ingenuity regardless of how correct or absurd it may be. It’s one of many reasons why middle-school librarians and frustrated relatives of Facebook conspiracists alike stress the importance of reliable sources. Case in point: Google’s answer (as of this writing) to the time-old question of what’s okay to do with your used car battery. 

Perhaps you’re intrigued by one of 2018’s most enduring memes: throwing car batteries into the ocean. Is it safe and legal, as they say? Does it really recharge the eels if

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