1,000 Horsepower Corvette Takes Off Like A Rocket Down The Quarter-Mile

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The Corvette is one of America’s most iconic cars, what started as GM’s answer to the compact euro-sports car craze eventually evolved into a legendary piece of American car culture, and now that the car features a supercar like mid engine design, there’s just no stopping it.

This great pedestal that the Corvette has been risen to has also allowed the car to grow and expand in the aftermarket world. As we all know, the aftermarket scene can be a powerful thing, pun intended. However, when starting with a platform as awesome as the nation’s greatest American powerhouse there is a lot of potential to make something truly amazing. This is best exemplified by today’s example which is a fantastic combination of lightweight and heavy horsepower.


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It all started with a little red C8 Corvette. After a long and arduous process, this vehicle has driven headfirst into the realm of automotive greatness. This ascension was helped in large part due to the twin-turbo system which allows the acquisition of over 1,075 horsepower. Of course, this extreme power figure was achieved as well through the efforts of the FuelTech automotive company.

Keep your eyes closely affixed on this incredible ‘Vette because if you look away too long you may miss the 9.6 second quarter-mile time. That insanely low time was reached at the blistering speed of 148-mph. From 0-60-ft the car takes just 1.38 seconds. Those incredible twin turbos are also running a relatively high amount of boost at 21-psi which helps to bring the front tires up for a show-stopping wheelie. Overall this is an incredible car and the team at FuelTech did an amazing job. We can’t wait to see more of this car in the future.

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