5 ways to position your business to profit from connected car

Connectivity’s value is created by making wireless connections through hardware & software capabilities that provide insights about drivers and vehicles. These connectivity capabilities serve as an enabler to other ACES trends. 

Connectivity will provide real-time links, redundancy, and reliability needed for safety, quality, and infallibility of critical new services like OTA updates and ultimately, full Autonomy.

Connectivity links to infrastructure will enable Electrification through smart charging, and smart grid – as well as enabling V2V and V2I connections required for Autonomy.

Connectivity will provide critical infrastructure for industrial and commercial transportation Electrification which demand high power and flawless operation in very harsh environments where failure is not an option.

Connectivity will provide the location, telemetry, logistics, and fleet management of vehicles and drivers remotely – which are first steps in widespread new Sharing business models.

As Connectivity evolves to support all of ACES, it will create highly efficient networks of autonomous vehicles that move us around safely – and these are reliant on millions of new connections. As the number and density of these connections grows, Connectivity becomes Hyperconnectivity.