These Incredibly Detailed Diecast Rally Races Are Way Too Entertaining

In this rally, cars took some turns too fast, they caught air, and they rolled. No one was hurt, though, because this competition consisted solely of 1:64 diecast toy cars.

YouTube channel 3Dbotmaker created this video series to support its diecast racing league. The Diecast Rally Championship is their rally car series, in which vehicles compete in four rounds. You almost want to jump up and cheer for these tiny cars like the toy people posed in various stages of disbelief and triumph.

This video was created in memory of legendary Hot Wheels designer Ryu Asada, who worked with Hot

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The Work of Art in Eric Haze’s Garage

Eric Haze, 60, an artist and graphic designer working in New York since the 1970s, on his 1962 Plymouth Savoy, as told to A.J. Baime.

Cars are like love. You do not get to choose when it is going to happen. The car finds you, wherever it is, in whatever condition it is in. My 1962 Savoy first popped up in an online ad in 2016. I was living in Brooklyn, and the car was being sold by a guy whose family owned the oldest auto parts dealership in Fresno, Calif. I knew what I was looking at from the

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Moto Manipal team wins National Online E-Bike Design contest

Students from Moto Manipal, the official electric bike team of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), have secured first place in the National Online E-Bike Design Competition, Season-2, organised by the Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers (FMAE).

The team members said that the final presentation was held recently for the competition. In fact, the team had participated in the National Online E-Bike Design Competition, Season-1, and had emerged champions last year too.

The team from Manipal Institute of Technology has been working for the competition for the last five months. “For the National Online E-Bike Design challenge Season-2, we

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MSU Formula Racing Team finishes top 10 in global competition | MSUToday

Collaboration is highly encouraged among Spartans, and the Broad College specifically embraces opportunities — within and beyond business topics — that allow students to explore their interests and work with others to apply classroom teachings.

On Feb. 4, the MSU Formula Racing Team, a student organization on campus, proudly represented the Spartans Will spirit at the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers International Collegiate Design Series competition. The annual event is the world’s largest mobility design series with over 550 teams competing worldwide, and Spartans collaborated virtually to place in the top 10 globally.

Neil Hoskins, supply chain management junior

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Ever go to an event where all the cars were the same color?

When cars and trucks are being produced, there is an early stage known as the “body in white.” The phrase applies to completed body shells as they head into the paint shop for color to be applied. 

Perhaps taking the concept of “body in white” a giant step further, 

Guglielmo Miani, who heads Italian fashion brand Larusmiani, thought it would be great fun to stage a road rally, but only for cars wearing white paint, and thus the inaugural Fuori Concorso was held in the California desert early in 2020, with a second was later in the year on the

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Caterham’s new Japanese owners have ‘appetite’ for electric Seven

BRITISH sports car maker Caterham has said that there is “appetite” among its new shareholders to make an electric version of the much-loved Seven roadster.

The company announced today that it has been taken over by VT Holdings, a Japanese Automotive firm that has been an importer of the Caterham Seven for almost a decade. The company also brings models from other British brands including Lotus, Royal Enfield and Norton into Japan.

VT sells 120 Sevens in the country per year, making it the car maker’s biggest market outside of the UK.

In a statement, VT Holdings’ chief executive Kazuho

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