Electric Range Rover expected to arrive in 2024

The fifth-generation Range Rover will be unveiled as a combustion engine model with hybrid technology later this year. It will be a key launch for Jaguar Land Rover because of the current model’s profitability.

Bollore said the new version will showcase a new direction for Land Rover. “The new Range Rover is incredible proof of modern luxury by design from JLR,” he said during the strategy presentation.

Electrification “will not compromise” the SUV brand’s off-road performance, Bollore said.

JLR head of design Gerry McGovern described the new Range Rover as being “breathtaking in its modernity,” in an interview with Automotive

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Tesla Briefly Halted Model 3 Production in CA over Parts Shortage

  • Tesla halted the Model 3 production line at the Fremont factory for two days due to parts shortages.
  • Other automakers have been feeling the pinch of a semiconductor shortage that’s caused production delays.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared information about the shutdown via Twitter but did not elaborate on what parts may have caused the issue.

    Tesla isn’t immune to supply-chain issues. On Twitter, CEO Elon Musk announced that the Model 3 line at the Fremont, California, facility had been shut down for two days, Monday and Tuesday of this week, and had restarted production on Wednesday, February 24. The

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    JLR seeks partner for Jaguar EV platform

    Automakers are increasingly looking outside their company for platforms to increase scale and reduce development costs. Ford  Motor, for example, will use Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric-only platform to develop its first Europe-focused battery-powered car, due in 2023.

    The choice of partner and platform will be partly dictated by the designs being drawn up by JLR’s head of design, Gerry McGovern. “It has to respect the proportion of the designs,” Bollore said.

    McGovern is being given a high level of freedom to decide what type of car the new models will be, and the new architecture will have to fit in

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    What Nissan’s ex-CEO who oversaw Carlos Ghosn’s downfall said in court

    “Ghosn’s salary was too low given global competition for human resources,” Saikawa said in response to prosecutors’ questions. “I believed that was a threat to Nissan, that’s why I supported what Kelly was doing,” he said.

    Asked why he signed a document outlining the compensation, the former CEO said Kelly, who was in charge of the payments, had asked him to because “it was a draft and I wanted to support the initiative.”

    Following Ghosn and Kelly’s arrests, Saikawa became the face of Nissan’s allegations against the pair, starting with a news conference on the day they were detained, and

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    Watch Automotive Engineer Put Tesla Model 3 Motor And Subframe In 50s Jag

    Swapping an electric motor into a gas vehicle requires plenty of work and knowledge. But, what about a 1950 Jaguar Mark V? That’s just mad. A modern electric motor has no business anywhere near an antique vehicle. Well, automotive engineer and YouTuber Matt Brown disagrees because that’s exactly what he’s doing.  Fortunately, Matt isn’t new at building crazy projects. Swapping a motorcycle engine into a car is one of his previous builds. 

    In the third video of the Tesla-powered 1950 Jaguar series, he starts wrenching, cutting, and welding as he installs the rear sub-frame of a Tesla Model 3 into

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    Hyundai will replace battery systems in $900M EV recall

    SEOUL — Hyundai will replace battery systems in 82,000 electric vehicles globally due to fire risks — a costly $900 million recall that lays bare the thorny issue of how car and battery makers split the bill when problems arise.

    The recall is one of the first mass battery pack replacements conducted by a major automaker.

    “It’s very significant for both Hyundai and LG as we are in the early stages of the electric vehicle era. How Hyundai handles this will set a precedent not just in South Korea but also for other countries,” said Lee Hang-koo, senior researcher at

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