LaVera Daisy, Rondo Days booster, dies after being hit by car in parking lot

Born and raised in St. Paul’s historic Rondo neighborhood, LaVera Daisy never strayed too far from home, devoting her life to her community with activism, music and a storied legacy rooted in faith and justice.

Daisy died Feb. 17 after being struck by a vehicle while walking through the Veterans Affairs parking lot in Minneapolis with her husband, Leon Daisy, who remains hospitalized in critical condition. He was at the VA to get a COVID-19 vaccine, but they never made it to the front door.

“I wasn’t expecting this, my wife leaving me before I leave her,” Leon Daisy said

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Google Tells Search Users It’s a Good Idea to Throw Car Batteries Into the Ocean

The Internet is a weird, wild repository for the breadth of human knowledge and ingenuity regardless of how correct or absurd it may be. It’s one of many reasons why middle-school librarians and frustrated relatives of Facebook conspiracists alike stress the importance of reliable sources. Case in point: Google’s answer (as of this writing) to the time-old question of what’s okay to do with your used car battery. 

Perhaps you’re intrigued by one of 2018’s most enduring memes: throwing car batteries into the ocean. Is it safe and legal, as they say? Does it really recharge the eels if

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Is an electric car better for the planet?

Which is better for Earth: an electric or gas-powered vehicle? The answer to this question might seem blindingly obvious: Of course electric cars must be better for the environment, because they don’t have exhausts and so don’t emit greenhouse gasses as they drive. However, electric vehicles (EVs) aren’t perfect, and they come with their own set of polluting problems. Notably, their batteries contain components, such as lithium, that require a significant amount of energy to source and extract. 

But battery production is just one part of an electric car’s life span. A 2014 study published in the journal

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Man fatally shot while trying to get stolen car back

HOUSTON – A man was shot and killed early sunday while attempting to retrieve his stolen car, according to the Houston Police Department.

At approximately 1:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 9000 block of Renwick Drive in reference to a shooting. On arrival, units located a gunshot victim dead at the scene, said Lt. M. Pavel with HPD’s Night Command.

Preliminary information suggests the victim stopped at a gas station in the 6000 block of Southwest Fwy prior to the shooting. Whilst there, he stepped away from his vehicle to talk with several friends. A suspect, described as a

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In Los Angeles, It’s Muscle Car Vs Tesla, Creating An Ideological Divide

Where I live in Los Angeles, a daily battle rages between the old and new, loud and quiet.

There is roughly an even divide in my community. On one side, Muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Camaro ZL1. And on the other, EVs like the Tesla Model Y (the most popular new EV here) and the Model 3.

The muscle car represents the old approach to fast cars, EVs the new.

To me, it’s

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The City Where Cars Are Not Welcome

HEIDELBERG, Germany — Eckart Würzner, a mayor on a mission to make his city emission free, is not terribly impressed by promises from General Motors, Ford and other big automakers to swear off fossil fuels.

Not that Mr. Würzner, the mayor of Heidelberg, is against electric cars. The postcard-perfect city, in southern Germany, gives residents who buy a battery-powered vehicle a bonus of up to 1,000 euros, or $1,200. They get another €1,000 if they install a charging station.

But electric cars are low on the list of tools that Mr. Würzner is using to try to cut Heidelberg’s impact

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