Elaine Chao: Transportation Department watchdog asked DOJ to consider criminal probe of then-secretary over ethics concerns

The Justice Department and the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, however, declined to pursue the case in the final weeks of the Trump administration, stating there “may be ethical and/or administrative issues to address but there is not predication to open a criminal investigation,” according to Transportation Department Deputy Inspector General Mitch Behm’s 38-page report detailing his office’s extensive ethics concerns surrounding Chao’s conduct.

“We concluded that a formal investigation into potential misuses of position was warranted,” Behm wrote in a letter accompanying the report.

The probe had been requested by the Democratic leadership of the House Committee on Transportation
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Inside Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s early moves

  • Pete Buttigieg has brought star power and loads of Twitter followers to the Transportation Department.
  • It’s not usually a coveted slot for political up-and-comers, but Secretary Pete has embraced the role.
  • His new staff, the White House, and some Republicans are giving Buttigieg high marks.
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Rank-and-file Transportation Department employees saw their phones start blowing up the day President-elect Joe Biden announced that Pete Buttigieg was his pick to lead their agency. 

One DOT staffer remembered being bombarded that December Tuesday with text messages, emails, and Facebook posts from friends who knew

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NATO grapples with grasping China’s transportation clout in Europe

COLOGNE, Germany – NATO officials are scrambling to understand the extent to which Chinese investments in key transportation nodes throughout Europe could impede the alliance’s ability to move troops quickly in case of a conflict.

The problem touches two distinct lines of effort underway as part of the NATO 2030 reform process, which is expected to be a major theme at an upcoming summit tentatively scheduled for June in Brussels, according to officials.

For one, members are taking steps aimed at readying their countries for major shocks, including future pandemics. In addition, they are trying to find common ground on

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IG faults Elaine Chao at Transportation over ethics concerns

The Transportation Department’s watchdog asked the Justice Department to criminally investigate Elaine Chao late last year over concerns that she misused her office when she was transportation secretary under President Donald Trump but was rebuffed, according to a report released Wednesday.

The report said the department’s inspector general found that Chao used her staff and office for personal tasks and to promote a shipping business owned by Chao’s father and sisters, in an apparent violation of federal ethics rules.

But when the inspector general’s office referred its findings to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington and prosecutors at the Justice

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Women revolutionizing Istanbul’s public transportation

Fatma Aksu – ISTANBUL

Women are putting their mark on Istanbul’s public transportation, as the number of women drivers working at the Istanbul Metro has risen to 99 out of the total 772.

Carrying commuters all day and working underground in different shifts, women metro drivers strictly oppose being called “vatman,” a word of French origin, which means tram drivers, representing male workers.

“The era of vatman has finished. The era of vatwoman has begun,” said 30-year-old Burcu Kasap, a female metro driver.

“I have graduated from Kocaeli University’s Human Resources Faculty. I previously worked as a digger operator for

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Reliance doubles equity stake of magnetic levitation transportation startup skyTran

Reliance Industries has acquired a majority stake in transportation startup skyTran, which is a developer of transportation systems consisting of computer-controlled passenger pods.

Paying almost $26.8 million, Reliance has doubled its equity stake in the company to now hold a 54.46% share on a fully diluted basis.

SkyTran’s transportation systems use a driverless personal rapid transit system that runs along “passive magnetic levitation technology”, Reliance said.

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, said the acquisition was made as part of the company’s commitment to investing in futuristic technologies.

“We are excited by skyTran’s potential to achieve an order of

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