Army’s Infantry Squad Vehicle undergoes tests at Arizona’s Yuma Proving Ground

YUMA, Ariz. — A new vehicle that the U.S. Army is acquiring to provide infantry soldiers with battlefield mobility is being tested in the Yuma Proving Ground’s harsh desert terrain in southwestern Arizona.

Largely based on a midsize Chevrolet pickup, the Infantry Squad Vehicle is intended to carry an infantry squad’s nine soldiers and their equipment, the Yuma Sun reported.

Testing began in early February with a goal of finishing by April, said Isaac Rodriguez, team leader for the proving ground’s combat automotive division.

“Before the soldier ever touches the vehicle, we want to make sure that it is safe

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30 vehicles collide on Montana bridge in major winter weather crash

A massive 30-vehicle pileup on Yellowstone River Bridge in Billings, Montana, critically injured two people Saturday, authorities said.

The people jumped from the bridge to avoid being hit by a car, the Montana Highway Patrol tweeted. Both were hospitalized and are expected to recover. Minor injuries were also reported but no deaths.

Emergency workers respond to a crash near Billings, Mont., on Saturday.Montana Highway Patrol via Twitter

“I would say this is the largest pileup, and winter-time accident, that I’ve seen in my nearly 20 years with the fire department,” Billings Fire Chief Jason Lyon told the Billings

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More states follow California’s lead on vehicle emissions standards

An increasing number of states are looking to follow the precedent set by California and adopt stricter vehicle emissions standards as the Biden administration appears poised to green light those efforts.

The Virginia legislature this past week passed legislation to toughen its emission rules, and similar proposals are in the works in Minnesota and Nevada.

If successful, those states would join the 13 others, plus Washington, D.C., that have adopted California’s vehicle tailpipe emissions standard. During the Trump era, that standard was taken out of play.

For years, California was allowed by the federal government to set its own standards.

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When Does an $8000 Vehicle Cost $21,000?

Illustration by Andy PottsCar and Driver

From the February/March 2021 issue of Car and Driver.

For the roughly 2.6 million Americans who bought vehicles from them in 2019, buy-here, pay-here (BHPH) dealerships are both a lifeline and a scourge. These used-car lots act as both dealer and lender, catering to customers with credit scores below 620, a history of making late payments, or a repossession or bankruptcy in their past.

In exchange for financing these risky customers, BHPH lots charge above-market prices for their vehicles along with interest rates as high as 29.9 percent.

In 2019, BHPH customers

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NPS Is Leading the Electric Vehicle Revolution

In February, park officials announced that Zion National Park would receive a $33 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to replace its aging, 21-year-old fleet of shuttle buses with 26 electric shuttles and 27 charging stations. The move came just as new Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, was confirmed, and it promises to be one of many monumental efforts to electrify the 645,000-plus government vehicles, an aggressive benchmark set by President Biden to help get the country to net-zero emissions by 2050.

“The federal government owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, which we’re going to replace with clean

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Driver dies after being ejected from vehicle in Trempealeau County

TOWN OF PRESTON, Wis. (WKBT) — A driver died Thursday evening after being ejected and pinned under their vehicle.

According to the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe was driving north on Hwy. 53 when they made a left hand turn onto Hwy. 95 in front of a southbound Chevrolet C1500. The driver was ejected and pinned under their vehicle.

The driver was extracted from under the vehicle and transported to Tri-County Memorial Hospital but died from

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