Ford Scion Leaves Automaker IR Job to Focus on New Board Role

Henry Ford III, great-great grandson of Ford Motor Co.’s founder, is leaving his position at the automaker to devote more time to his new role on the company’s board.

Ford, 41, told colleagues Tuesday he is stepping down July 1 as a director of investor relations, ending 15 years of employment at the carmaker. Ford and his cousin Alexandra Ford English, 33, were elected to the board last month, marking the elevation of a fifth generation in the industrial dynasty to the company’s highest-ranking decision-making body.

“I want to help Ford to the best of my ability and believe it will be advantageous for me to carve out time to further broaden my perspective outside of the company,” Ford said in a memo to his co-workers. “New external viewpoints will help me guide and support our great company with improved objectivity and an increased ability to constructively critique our strengths and weaknesses.”

The young scion’s move is similar to one taken by his uncle, Executive Chairman Bill Ford, 64, who stepped down as vice president of the company’s commercial truck operations in 1995 to become chairman of the board’s powerful finance committee. That move away from an executive position set up Bill Ford to become chairman of the board in 1999.

Also in the running to eventually lead the company is Ford English, daughter of Bill Ford, who remains a director of corporate strategy at the automaker, as well as a director of electric truck maker Rivian Automotive Inc., in which Ford has a minority stake.

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