Getting to know: Melanie Murphy with CarMax | Business News

Melanie Murphy

Title: Assistant vice president of technology at automotive retailer CarMax

Born: Chambersburg, Penn.

Education: Bachelor of science in Business Administration, University of Richmond, 1996

Career: Circuit City, finance trainee, 1996-1998; CarMax, technology, 1999-current

Where in the metro area do you live: Short Pump

Best business decision: “For me, one of the best decisions I made was to take a risk and move from a well-established company to CarMax, which at the time was a small startup. Part of this move was to reskill myself into a developer and from there on, I constantly focused on looking for problems that need solving and working collaboratively with others to provide solutions. I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by leaders and mentors at CarMax who identified my strengths and encouraged me to take on new challenges. They gave me the space to succeed, sometimes fail, but always to learn. The best thing I can do now is to pay it forward to my incredible team.”

Mistake you learned the most from: Forgetting to have a where clause after the words ‘delete from table x,’ you only do that once. All tech geek joking aside, a mistake that we often make in technology is assuming you know what your customers or business partners want without asking them. You might think you have the greatest idea in the world, but I’ve learned not to invest a lot of time or money into something until you can prove it’s valuable, desirable, feasible, and scalable.”

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