GM promises to leave no one behind in all-electric future

General Motors says it wants to make sure all of its customers and its employees are included in its transition to an all-electric car company. 

On Tuesday, GM CEO Mary Barra made several promises to achieve that goal, including announcing the creation of a $25 million Climate Equity Fund.

By equity, that means no one is left behind as GM transforms the company. The idea is that all people have access to electrification regardless of socioeconomic status, race or other situations. It means that electrification will benefit society, said Jessica James, a GM spokeswoman.

“Climate change does not impact every community equally,” Barra said at the Aspen Ideas Festival. “As we move to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, it is on us to lead positive change and implement inclusive solutions that bring everyone along, especially our employees and communities.”

The new fund will be used to support programs that help people and communities that are more likely to disproportionately experience the effects of climate change. 

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