Line of Duty’s fastest cars ranked

It’s difficult to work out which has the most acronyms and abbreviations – the police anti-corruption unit AC-12 featured in Line of Duty, or the specification sheet for a premium car laden with gadgets and gizmos.

But if you know a DIR (digital interview recording) from a DS (detective sergeant), an ARV (armed response vehicle) from an AFO (authorised firearms officer), then you’re probably more interested in the tongue-twisters and gobbledygook of the BBC series.

The best performing drama on UK television since Bodyguard in 2018, the sixth series of Line of Duty continues on Sunday night. It follows the exploits of waistcoat-clad DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) investigating an unsolved murder case – and trying to unravel the identity of the mysterious H.

McClure, from Nottingham, failed her driving test twice in real life: “My first car was a cream-coloured Mini. It arrived on a trailer from Park Lane BMW, so I nicknamed her London Baby. I’d never owned anything so expensive in my life. My favourite car is made in Britain – Ferraris and Lamborghinis are OK but an Aston Martin is cool.”

Since the first season aired in 2012, her character and AC-12 have screeched around the streets in a fleet of upmarket police cars, often pursuing villains driving even better motors. I have ranked the top six according to my own preference, and bestowed upon each a best acronym feature.

6. Lexus RX 450h SE-L