Montgomery County police cracking down on loud, aggressive vehicles

We’ve all heard them before – cars so loud and drivers so aggressive, they’re almost impossible to miss.

“It’s awful. You’ll be driving and then all of the sudden you’re just like in shock,” said Caroline Razzaq.

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But now, police in Montgomery County are cracking down after hearing complaints.

“It’s every single day, it’s multiple times a shift,” TFC. Lyle German told Fox 5 Thursday.

German was part of a group – including Maryland State Police, Rockville City Police, Gaithersburg City Police, Montgomery County Police, and Maryland Transportation Authority Police – that conducted a traffic initiative earlier this week along Rockville Pike, targeting loud exhaust systems as well as aggressive driving and speeding. Altogether they dished out 42 citations, 101 warnings, and 41 safety equipment repair orders.

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“Most people say, ‘hey man I like the way it sounds, it sounds really cool.’ Sounds cool to you but it doesn’t sound great to the rest of the citizens that are around you,” German said.

Still, that doesn’t stop a lot of car enthusiasts from making the modifications.

Carlos Grady is the automotive service manager at Kelley’s Performance & Kustom in Bladensburg. Asked how many customers come in wanting louder exhaust systems, he said 80 percent.

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“We like to hear, we like to feel our cars. A lot of the times, we can’t hear it, we can’t feel it, we don’t want the car,” Grady explained. “I feel like most people just know when they’re getting their exhaust system loud, they kind of know that there’s a possibility they’ll get pulled over for it, and I think that’s just a risk they’re willing to take in that situation.”

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