TBEA Cloud Has Completed the Planning Scheme of the First “PV + Highway” Demonstration Project

“PV + Highway” is intended to integrate PV power generation technology with the highway system, to use the highways, shoulders, ramps, isolation zones and other own space in the highway system, as well as the space of building roofs, parking sheds, walls and other facilities in service area for arrangement and installation of PV power generation system. The clean energy generated will be applied to the lighting and ventilation facilities of bridges and tunnels, the power facilities in service areas and other highway systems or output to the grid system.

As people all know, with

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3 Ways Solid State Battery Technology Will Change The Automotive Industry

15 years ago the most car companies laughed at electric cars. Today, most car companies have joined or are joining the game. There is no doubt the EV revolution is happening right before our eyes.

Battery technology is something that has been on the mind of large car manufacturers and environmentalists. Mining lithium has many people concerned that if this is the direction EV is headed, they do not want any part.

The wheels are in motion, and the industry is changing to where the future is the electric and other alternative-fueled vehicles.

So, if lithium is super horrible to

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How Nissan’s Bizarre Pike Factory Built Retro Masterpieces

Excitement thrummed through the crowd around the Nissan booth at the 1985 Tokyo motor show.

As the throng pressed close, you could hear two phrases: kawaii —“cute,” and hoshii—“I want it.” Nearby, a state-of-the-art, mid-engine sports-car concept called the MID4 sat overlooked. Instead, people had fallen in love with a 51-hp compact.

This story originally appeared in Volume 3 of Road & Track.



That little car was the Be-1, and it was a stroke of genius. Beneath its skin lay the mechanical underpinnings of the deeply ordinary

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The Single Biggest Threat To The Electric Vehicle Revolution

While 2020 was the year electric vehicles went mainstream, 2021 has revealed a gaping flaw in the EV boom.

Demand for the new technology has skyrocketed, both in the United States and across Europe.

And this has major companies rushing to get onboard this surging trend.

That includes everyone from legacy automakers like Ford and GM… to trillion-dollar tech giants like Apple.

But the global pandemic has hurt the auto industry in a completely unexpected way.

With millions of people working, schooling, and entertaining from home, the number of tech devices has exploded beyond what we had just a

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Key Fob Replacement: What You Need to Know


Gone are the days of copying car keys at a local hardware shop. Key fob replacement usually involves visiting a car dealer, or at the very least a specialist shop with high-tech tools that can teach these advanced keys to talk to a car’s security system.

Even today’s most basic cars have keys that contain a chip that communicates with a transponder somewhere inside the vehicle. Known as a key fob, without proper key programming, you won’t be able to start your car.

More advanced systems consist of a key fob that can stay in your pocket or purse. As

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Illinois bills address tollway rates for small trailers, future railway infrastructure | News

SPRINGFIELD — A House transportation committee on Monday advanced two bills, one lowering toll rates for small trailers and another creating a forum on future railway infrastructure.

House Bill 394 and House Bill 399 were both sponsored by Rep. Martin Moylan, D-Des Plaines. Both received a unanimous 13-0 vote to move to the House floor.

HB 394 states that the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority shall not charge a toll for a vehicle pulling a single axle trailer at a rate higher than twice the regular car rate. For example, if a toll is $1.40, then the small trailer should

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