AAA Car Guide ADAS 2021

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LOS ANGELES — It could be decades before cars that completely drive themselves are a reality, but so-called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are showing up in more and more vehicles. The Automobile Club of Southern California tested 59 passenger vehicles for its 2021 Car Guide, ranking them based on in-vehicle

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Buyers want advanced safety tech, 2021 AAA Car Guide finds

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2021 AAA Car Guide finds advanced safety tech high on buyers’ lists

Tesla Model Y takes top honors in 2021 AAA Car Guide

Driver interest in advanced safety technology is high, according to the 2021 AAA Car Guide.When asked which of the following systems they want in their next vehicle, 67% of

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Eco-friendly vehicles top 2021 AAA car guide rankings

WICHITA – According to AAA, driver interest in advanced safety technology is high.

When asked which of these systems they want in their next vehicle, two-thirds (67%) of drivers say automatic emergency braking, followed by reverse automatic emergency braking (63%) and lane keeping assistance (61%). A majority of new vehicle models come equipped with at least one of these systems.

To help consumers navigate the marketplace, AAA created its annual AAA Car Guide, which ranks and rates the latest in vehicle technology, including alternative fuel vehicles.

For the 2021 edition of the Car Guide, the 2020 Tesla Model Y Long

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