Honda to go all-in on EVs, fuel cells by 2040

TOKYO — Honda will phase out internal combustion engines in all new automobiles by 2040 under an aggressive electrification plan unveiled by Toshihiro Mibe, the automaker’s new CEO.

Mibe, who took office April 1, outlined the new target in a news conference on Friday, pitching it as a step toward achieving companywide carbon neutrality by 2050.

Honda will achieve the goal in steps, first deriving 40 percent of its sales in major markets from pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2030. It wants that share of EVs and fuel cells to reach 80 percent in major markets in

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Congressman Andy Levin is all-in on EVs

Rep. Andy Levin is all-in on electric vehicles and the policies necessary to position the U.S. — and his home state of Michigan, the hub of the auto sector — as a leader in the technology.

“I’m into every aspect of those,” Levin, a Democrat, said of the various strategies employed to sell more EVs, such as offering tax incentives or rebates to consumers.

“Detroit needs to remain the center of the auto industry and for that to happen, we have to be the center of the EV and [autonomous vehicle] industry,” he told Automotive News.

In the last

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