Teaching Artists On Show At Art Stroll

Controversial claim Chris, but one I see as in the end void as a result of art ought to correctly be seen as a bleeding fringe of entertainment media. (Of course, individuals may be each explorer and settler, but is it not the nature of the work, not the employee, that is under debate?). People who work in entertainment, such as industrial videogames, fool themselves into believing what they do is art and thus generally forget their function as entertainers.

Which stream is easy?

If a student wishes to change from the Science stream to the Commerce stream, it will

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CNC-made wooden skull jumpstarts artist’s career

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GUELPH, Ontario – In a 500-square foot studio on the lower floor of a two-story house in downtown Guelph, ON, Marcel Jordan is “living the dream.” There— as well as in his 300-square foot detached shop—he spends countless hours making signage, one-offs, branded products, and furniture – work that many consider art. His work is getting attention from businesses, retailers, and national brands that want to partner with him, much of it coming from social media. 

Jordan works mostly with wood and, on occasion, acrylics, aluminum, and polycarbonate. He uses a one-ton 5-x 8-foot

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