Dive Technologies and Metron Announce Partnership to Commercialize Advanced Autonomy Software on DIVE-LD | Business


Dive Technologies, Inc., a Boston-based subsea robotics designer and manufacturer, today announced a commercial partnership with Metron, Inc. This partnership will directly support the commercialization of Metron’s Autonomy, Navigation, Command & Control (ANCC) software suite on Dive Technologies’ large displacement autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), the DIVE-LD. Initial sea testing of the DIVE-LD with ANCC software was completed in December 2020.

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Dive Technologies Commercial Large Displacement AUV (Photo: Dive Technologies)

“The DIVE-LD is pier-launched and designed to stay at sea for up to ten days. The

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Honda Legend Sedan with Level 3 Autonomy Now Available in Japan

  • The Honda Legend Hybrid EX is available to lease in Japan starting today, with Honda claiming bragging rights for the first production vehicle with a Level 3 autonomous system.
  • The Legend can pilot itself where traffic is congested and does not require constant monitoring by the driver, Honda says.
  • The Legend’s technology, Honda Sensing Elite, is the latest generation of Honda’s advanced driver-assist system.

    The Honda Legend, the first production vehicle to be offered with a Level 3 autonomous system, has become available for lease today in Japan in a limited edition of 100. Currently, the Japanese automaker has no

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