Job: Bike Works by p:ear Coordinator – Bike Works by p:ear

Job Title

Bike Works by p:ear Coordinator

Company / Organization

bike works by p:ear

Job Description

p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.
To apply: Please submit a resume along with answers to the following questions (in lieu of a cover letter).
1. How will you utilize p:ear’s equity statement (see below) to inform your work as the Bike Works Coordinator?
2. As a master mechanic, how will you impart your love of the bike to teaching bike mechanics and developing relationships

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Bike Helmet Market by Latest Trend, Growing Demand and Technology Advancement 2020-2025

Published: Just now  
Author: Sachin Pashte 
Category: #news

Global Bike Helmet Market report contains all study material about overview, growth, demand and forecast research report in all over the world. This report offers some penetrating overview and solution in the complex world Global Bike Helmet industry in global market.

The research literature on Bike Helmet market methodically investigates the workings of this business sphere and the course it will take during 2020-2027. It highlights the key trends, growth drivers, opportunities, limitations, and challenges which will mold the industry dynamics in the ensuing years. Proceeding further, it illuminates the top regional

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Latest Gear: Bike, Helmet, Wheels, Eyewear, Bartape, Lubrication, Shoes & More

By Nat Bromhead | 8 April 2021

Each month we take a look at the latest Top Gear in cycling, here is a close look at some recent releases.

The Ryder 750 is an impressive unit with a full colour graphic interface.
Bryton Rider 750 GPS

Feature-packed, this is the latest and most premium offering from Bryton; their Rider 750 designed to go up against the top models from Wahoo and Garmin.

Headline features are 20 hours of battery life, voice navigation and activation plus a large 2.8” color touch screen.

The Rider 750 incorporates a new intuitive Graphical User

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Could these NASA-developed ‘space-age metal’ bike tyres make punctures a thing of the past?

With solid tyres never really catching on for roadies, could this new airless metal invention using tech straight from NASA’s labs consign punctures to history? The start-up SMART Tire Company says its new METL bicycle tyre uses the same airless shape memory (SMA) tyre technology that NASA invented for use in outer space on Mar Rover missions, and “still rides smooth” despite being made of a light and flexible metal. 

> Vittoria launches run-flat Air-Liner inserts for road bikes

Made from advanced, lightweight materials known as NiTinol+, the METL tyre promises to be elastic like rubber but is as strong

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Would you bike on these airless alloy tires? Space tech could transform cycling on terra firma

The METL bike tire has origins based in lunar and Martian exploration, but could reimagine the way people rove bike lanes as cycling gains momentum across the U.S.

Image: The SMART Tire Company

Bike sales surged during the coronavirus pandemic with sales jumping 65% from 2019 to 2020 and the burgeoning electric bike market also kicked into high gear with sales increasing 145%, according to a New York Times report.

Amid the booming interest, one company is looking to reinvent the wheel. In March, the SMART Tire Company announced it was developing an airless alloy bicycle tire called METL

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New Smart Airless Bike Tires Reportedly Uses NASA’s Technology To Avoid Punctures, Do Checkout

NASA has channeled modern technologies into daily goods for more than 50 years. The materials of the space agency have slipped through everything from mobile and Digital camera image sensors to memory foam mattresses. It’s just a few days before their advanced tire technology has been added to the long list of so-called NASA spinoffs. An airless form memory alloy – initially developed for lunar and Mars rovers – used by a start-up named Smart to manufacture a bicycle pneumatic tire called Metl.

Smart says that the superelastic tires have been made like titanium to resist rough terrain without going

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