Colorado transportation bill faces tension over highway expansion

A long-heralded transportation bill that would raise an estimated $3.8 billion over a decade from new fees on gas purchases, online deliveries and other items passed its first test Monday in the Colorado legislature.

But hours of testimony before the Senate Finance Committee underlined points of tension that remain within the broad coalition of interest groups that praised the bill’s introduction last week. Business leaders, environmentalists and local government leaders from both parties — including the mayors of Colorado Springs and Denver — had stood next to Gov. Jared Polis, hailing the months of difficult talks that resulted in the

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Protesters who obstruct emergency vehicles could face felony charges under bill advanced in Texas House

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In response to nationwide protests against police brutality last year, the Texas House on Wednesday moved to raise criminal penalties and require jail time for people who obstruct a roadway if it prevents the passage of an emergency vehicle or blocks a hospital entrance.

The House initially approved House Bill 9 on a 84-60 vote, but it still needs a final vote from the full chamber before it heads to the Senate.

The in-custody murder of George Floyd in

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Pennsylvania Senate OKs bill to halt plans to toll bridges

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s Senate are trying to make Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration start over on its plans to toll up to nine major bridges, approving a bill Tuesday to require the state Department of Transportation to undergo a new process that includes approval from the Legislature.

The bill passed the Republican-controlled chamber, 28-19, with the backing of every Republican and one Democrat.

The bill now goes to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, but it may have a short life: Wolf opposes the bill, and the Senate lacks a veto-proof majority.

Republicans contend that the unilateral process leading to PennDOT’s announcement

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New bill could mandate driver-monitoring systems in future cars

General Motors’ Super Cruise uses already uses a camera to monitor drivers to ensure that they pay attention.


The most recent crash involving a Tesla Model S and alleged connections to running driver-assist features without a driver behind the wheel spurred a lot of talk on how to handle advanced technology and its growing impact on drivers. Following Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey’s calls for enhanced guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the two introduced new legislation on Monday that aims to tackle the problem.

With Sen. Amy Klobuchar signed on as a sponsor, the Stay

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Biden proposes huge climate change bill that would rewire the country

President Biden is asking Congress to approve hundreds of billions of dollars to remake transit, overhaul power grids and expand clean energy in a sweeping plan the White House says will fight climate change while outcompeting China.

Why it matters: The plan, if enacted, would be the most far-reaching federal investment to date in programs that would help curb greenhouse gas emissions. But it faces serious challenges in the closely divided Congress.

  • It signals Biden’s high priority on fighting global warming while addressing racial and economic inequality.

How it works: Highlights of the transit, energy and climate parts of the

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Senate approves I-80 toll bill | Local

CASPER — Wyoming’s Senate approved a bill on Friday morning that would allow the state to charge drivers a toll when trekking across Interstate 80.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation faces a multi-million budget deficit. But legislators have been largely adverse to backing any revenue-generating bills.

Senate File 73 has become one of very few tax bills advanced this session to help the cash-strapped state.

The lead sponsor of the bill, Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, said the proceeds generated from a toll on the state’s main east-west thoroughfare would go toward much-needed road and bridge maintenance, traffic safety improvements or

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