Bugatti should build a modern Type 35 | Axon’s Automotive Anorak

Rather than follow Bentley, BRM et al by recreating a precise ‘new’ replica though, Uedelhoven Studios carefully studied the delicacy, elegance and engineering intelligence of the legendary inter-war Grand Prix Bugatti, and successfully used its roaring twenties brio as inspiration for its cunning retro modern design for the 2020s.

With no formal word on whether this ‘new’ Type 35 is an in-house Uedelhoven initiative or a hush hush project commissioned by Bugatti itself, the modern prototype’s formal purity flatters the eye and is cleverly inspired by the clean straight lines and interwar sporting prowess of its glorious 1920s predecessor.


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Bugatti Chiron Replica Made From Scrap Metal Is Automotive Steampunk

There’s an incredible place in Thailand’s Chachoengsao Province where scrap metal comes to glorious life. Located roughly two hours east of Bangkok is a metallic haven of giant robots, incredible statues, and life-size replicas of cars that are simply amazing to behold. It’s appropriately named Scrap Metal Art Thailand, and it’s where you’ll find the most unique Bugatti Chiron in the world. Actually, you’ll find two of them.

We’re given a video tour of the workshop and display yard courtesy of CB Media on YouTube, and our best advice is to sit down and fully embrace this clip. Creating art

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