Inside Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s early moves

  • Pete Buttigieg has brought star power and loads of Twitter followers to the Transportation Department.
  • It’s not usually a coveted slot for political up-and-comers, but Secretary Pete has embraced the role.
  • His new staff, the White House, and some Republicans are giving Buttigieg high marks.
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Rank-and-file Transportation Department employees saw their phones start blowing up the day President-elect Joe Biden announced that Pete Buttigieg was his pick to lead their agency. 

One DOT staffer remembered being bombarded that December Tuesday with text messages, emails, and Facebook posts from friends who knew

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Pete Buttigieg Bike Commute – Buttigieg’s Bike Seat Height Is Just Fine

The Washington PostGetty Images

Pete Buttigieg unintentionally got himself a healthy dose of feedback from Cyclist Twitter.

Politico reporter Michael Stratford tweeted a short video of the freshly confirmed Secretary of Transportation riding a bike home from work through Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood on Thursday, February 25. The video—which, as of this writing, has over a million views—is 11 seconds long and appears to have been shot from a vantage point roughly near the Hubble telescope, albeit with slightly grainier picture quality.

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