Bolt launches car-sharing service in Europe amid competition from Uber

Bolt CEO Markus Villig


Bolt, the Estonian firm best known for its ride-hailing business, announced Tuesday that it has launched a car-sharing service in Europe as it looks to diversify its revenue streams.

Like ZipCar and Drivy, Bolt Drive will allow customers to rent a car on demand for a brief period via the Bolt app, which can also be used to hail a taxi, rent bikes and e-scooters, as well as to order food.

Bolt said it is going to invest 20 million euros ($24 million) in launching Bolt Drive in Europe this year, starting with a pilot

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Getaround wants to help you start your own car-sharing business

Getaround, the peer-to-peer car-sharing service, is launching a new program to help support people who want to rent out more than just a couple of cars. The program is called Power Host, and it’s designed to help customers manage small fleets of shared vehicles.

Getaround, which operates in 800 cities globally and has over 6 million users, created the program in response to a growing number of its customers seeking to start a small car-sharing business for themselves. After an initial steep drop in bookings after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Getaround has since seen its demand bounce back.

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