New Waymo Co-CEOs Fear Tesla May Harm Or Slow Autonomous Tech

Two men died in a crash in Texas, and authorities at the location said the Tesla Model S had no one at the driver’s seat. Although the accident circumstances still have to be clarified, the crash only raised the tone of a discussion on how Tesla tests its technologies. Waymo’s co-CEOs fear the company’s approach may slow down or even harm autonomous driving, according to their interview with Forbes.

Tekedra Mawakana and Dmitri Dolgov became co-CEOs at the autonomous vehicle company after John Krafcik stepped down on April 2. In her interview, Mawakana said that there would be no

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Waymo CEO Krafcik Steps Down; New Co-CEOs Come From Tech, Not Auto

John Krafcik joined the Waymo self-driving subsidiary of Alphabet
) over 5 years ago. A veteran of Hyundai, NUMI and TrueCar
among others, he was a man with a pedigree with one foot deep in auto and one foot in technology, seemingly an ideal mix for building what might replace the traditional car. He has announced his intention to step down for unspecified future opportunities.

Also interesting is that the Alphabet board has appointed two inside leaders as co-CEOs, and not

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