8-Seater Cars: Eight Seater SUV vs People Mover – Hyundai Palisade, Kia Carnival, & Mercedes Valente Comparison Review

The video review (above) where Nedahl and I put the cargo areas of the Palisade, Carnival and Valente to the ultimate family test is worth watching.

We fill each with a set amount of family gear to determine which will hold the most with all three rows of seats in place.

Here’s what needed to go in: a tent, an Esky, a balance bike, a little BMX, a scooter, a backpack, four helmets, four netballs, a pram, two umbrellas and a marquee. 

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Only one of our test cars could fit the lot in with

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2021 Mazda CX-3 v CX-30 comparison review

Mazda’s newest compact SUV, the CX-30 has been on sale for a full year now, so how does it stack up against it’s successful showroom counterpart, the smaller CX-3?

When the Mazda CX-30 was released, many pundits (us included) thought it would likely pinch sales from the ‘other’ compact Mazda SUV, the CX-3.

As at the time, the CX-30 brought new style, technology, and more space to the compact Mazda SUV lineup, but it also came with higher costs.

With the power of hindsight, however, not to mention a full-year of CX-30 sales to analyse, we can see that

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