Huawei Launches a Full Set of Intelligent Vehicle Components for OEMs

SHANGHAI and NEW DELHI, April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At Auto Shanghai 2021, Huawei launched its next-generation intelligent components and solutions, including the 4D imaging radar, AR-HUD, and MDC 810 during its Huawei Inside (HI) product launch titled ‘Focused Innovation for Intelligent Vehicles’. These products are designed to help OEMs build advanced intelligent vehicles and enable the Chinese automotive industry to upgrade their technology and become a pioneer of new energy and autonomous driving.

Huawei considers intelligent automotive components as its long-term strategic opportunity. The company will continue to channel more investments into this field, particularly into the development

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REE Automotive unveils new proprietary drive components

Israeli EV startup REE Automotive, just unveiled its new approach to drive components and platforms. Named REEcorners, these proprietary systems fuse all of the vital parts of an EV together between the chassis and wheel. Combined with its modular EV platforms, REE Automotive sees its technology as a cornerstone for the future of electrified mobility.

REE Automotive is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with subsidiaries in the US, UK, and Germany. It specializes in developing and manufacturing REEcorners and modular EV platforms for B2B transactions. According to its website, REE has a unique CapEx-light manufacturing model that leverages its Tier 1

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