Hyderabad Startup Makes E-Bikes That Run 100 KM In One Charge, Also Helps Autos Go Electric

Nikhil Gunda’s entrepreneurial journey began in his second semester of engineering college. Unhappy with the conventional career trajectory of a nine to five job set before him, the Hyderabad-native wanted to make some money quickly. So, what did he do? He set up his own coffee shop on the campus of Anurag University towards the end of 2015. (Image above Gear Head Motors’ upcoming e-bike on the left and co-founders on the right)

Once the varsity authorities gave permission to set up shop, business boomed. However, there was one small problem. There was a rush of students at his

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The underdog ebikes you should love: Ugly no-frills town bikes

Ebikes are blowing up, and it’s bloomin’ glorious to watch. No, I don’t mean exploding, but people are buying them at the fastest ever rate. But I’m worried some of us are missing out, because we’re not appreciating the ugly ones.

Over the past year, electrified bicycles have come of age. It’s part of what the BBC calls, “The great bicycle boom of 2020.” Pandemic lockdowns around the world opened our eyes to how much we rely on the car, and it’s got people thinking about two wheels as a more preferable mode of transport.

People are gravitating

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There Are Lots of Different E-Bikes. Here’s Your Guide to Picking the Right One.

As a cyclist, I’ve often scoffed at electric bikes and skateboards. Cheaters!, I’d mutter under my breath as they zoomed effortlessly past. But after testing a bevy of the latest e-bikes for this article, I realized that, all this time, I was just jealous.

An e-bike replaced my car for every errand. I didn’t have to worry about finding parking, filling up the tank with gas, waiting for the bus, or how much an Uber was going to cost. Grocery runs, once sweaty workouts with my analog bike, became joy rides.

During the pandemic, I’ve seen more e-bikes than

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Best electric bike 2021: e-bikes for commuting and pleasure

Electric bikes have undergone an evolution in recent years, fuelled by advances in technology that allow for lighter designs, more compact motors and discreet batteries that last for more than just a few miles. And now, with more of us looking for alternative ways to get around our cities, e-bikes are enjoying their moment in the sun.

Engineered to assist your pedaling rather than replace it entirely, an e-bike will give you a light push as you accelerate away, as though you’re being helped along by an invisible ghost. The motor can only assist you up to the legal speed

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What is an electric bike and how do they work? Buyer’s guide to ebikes

Whether you’re ditching the car on your commute to work or want an easier ride to the top of trails, an electric bike can offer many of the benefits of a regular bike, with motorised power on tap when you need it.

Electric bike technology has advanced at a pace in recent years and you can now find pretty much any type of bike with a motor, from e-road bikes and e-MTBs, to e-hybrids and e-gravel bikes.

In this guide to electric bikes, we’ll explain exactly what an ebike is, how an electric bike works, how to ride an ebike

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