Elon Musk Has an Ominous Warning For Tech Companies Making Electric Cars

Elon Musk is the Tesla CEO and SpaceX boss, but other than being one of the richest people in the world and owning two companies, he’s also a bit of an eccentric genius. Musk sent a car to space, and Musk wants humans to colonize the moon. Musk believes in the rise of cryptocurrencies (even meme ones like Dogecoin) and occasionally tweets anime-girl memes. Musk doesn’t adhere to the same kind of principles most billionaires or ‘philanthropic ideals they hold – but Musk’s ideas have always stood out, for being revolutionary. Musk’s Tesla company has become synonymous with when we

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Elon Musk Weighs In on Fatal Tesla Crash as Safety Officials Investigate

U.S. safety officials are investigating a fatal weekend crash involving a

Tesla Inc.

TSLA 1.35%

vehicle, adding to a series of probes into incidents involving the electric-vehicle maker.

The accident has raised questions both about how the car was operated and the challenges of dealing with a fiery crash.

Local authorities believe the Tesla Model S sedan was operating without anyone in the driver’s seat when it crashed into a tree Saturday night north of Houston, killing the two men inside.

On Monday, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk injected additional uncertainty into the situation. Mr. Musk tweeted, “Data logs recovered

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False news reports claim Elon Musk is dead after Tesla factory explosion

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Reports circulating on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram claim that tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is dead following a “Tesla factory explosion”. The claim is false; the reports are not genuine news articles and there are no credible reports of Musk’s death as of March 9, 2021. 

The report was shared in this Instagram post on March 6, 2021.

“Elon Musk declared dead after Tesla factory explosion,” the headline on an article featured in the post reads. The logo of Fox News is partly visible in the top-left corner. 

A screenshot of the misleading post as
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How Tesla’s Elon Musk will derail EV competition in 2021

In June 2020, I wrote a newsletter called “How Tesla’s Elon Musk dunks on the competition just as their momentum builds,” where I dissected Tesla’s strategies to derail competition in its footsteps. It seems that anytime a competing automaker is about to make a substantial step forward, Musk or Tesla releases an update that simply takes away any attention from anyone else. In this week’s newsletter, I want to talk about what Elon Musk and Tesla can do in 2021 to combat an expanding EV market, and take momentum away from the companies that claim they are “the next Tesla.”

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The Rumored Apple Car Is Bad News for Elon

Could Apple succeed with a car? Well, the company’s recent Macintosh was distinguished not only by speedy chips but unprecedented battery life. So it’s not surprising that we’ve heard the Apple car will have groundbreaking battery tech, a game changer for electric cars. (On the other hand, Macs still require “dongles” to connect with common peripherals like printers, ring lights, and external drives.)

But even more important will be whether Apple can produce something that transforms the concept of what a car is. That might be a challenge, because Tesla has essentially done this already. When you drive a

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