PLUG Stock Falls After Plug Power Bus Deal As Fuel Cells Expand In Transportation

Plug Power (PLUG) is teaming up with BAE Systems (BAESY) to propel and build infrastructure for hydrogen buses in North America. PLUG stock edged down.


The two companies announced a plan Thursday to integrate Plug Power’s ProGen fuel cell engines into BAE Systems’ electric buses.

They will also work on developing hydrogen and refueling infrastructure to end-customers use points.

“Advanced hydrogen fuel cell applications will play a critical role in achieving zero-emissions transportation goals,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems, in the release.

Plug Power

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House Democrats seek to expand loan program for fuel-efficient vehicle projects

Washington — Two House Democrats introduced a bill April 1 that would expand a loan program within the Department of Energy for projects that are committed to the production of fuel-efficient vehicles and parts.

The bill, sponsored by Reps. Debbie Dingell of Michigan and Julia Brownley of California, would update the Energy Department’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program by broadening the definition of eligible borrowers to include “ultra-efficient vehicles,” as well as light-duty and medium-duty passenger vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles that meet emissions standards set by the EPA or emit zero emissions.

The measure — dubbed the Advanced Technology

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Amtrak Would Greatly Expand New England Train Service With Biden Infrastructure Plan

President Biden’s $2-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan could bring expanded Amtrak train service to New Hampshire and Northern New England.

Amtrak, the publicly funded national rail operator, released a new map this week of expansions it could offer by 2035 under Biden’s proposal.

The map adds a line from Boston to Manchester and Concord. Amtrak would also upgrade rail service through western New Hampshire to Burlington, Vermont, and extend that line to Montreal. And they’d add a line between Rutland and Burlington.

How should New England change its transportation system as it addresses climate change? Click here to share your thoughts

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TSMC shares fall more than 3% after Intel’s plan to expand advanced chip capacity


Strong Insider Buying Could Indicate a Bottom in These 2 Stocks

Every investor knows that the path toward profits lies in buying low and selling high. That’s a basic precept of any economic trading system. The trick, however, is recognizing when the stock is low enough to buy in. The prime moment to buy is when the stock hits bottom; that will maximize returns when the share price starts to rise again. There are a multitude of possible clues investors can use to find the price bottom; today, we’ll be looking at insider buying trends. Insiders – the corporate

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Make the Rescue Plan tax credits permanent and expand them to Colorado income taxes too

Many of us are familiar with the American Dream, but lately, more of us are living a much different American Reality. It’s one that looks less and less like the opportunity we were promised, and more and more like another unpaid bill stacked on top of living costs that eat up entire paychecks. This wasn’t what we were promised, and it’s certainly not what we deserve.

That’s why the inclusion of an expanded child tax credit in the American Rescue Plan Act is a game-changer for Colorado families. Advanced for years by Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, the provision will dramatically

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Amtrak Wants to Expand Across the Nation. Local Politics Might Intervene.

Jim Mathews, the president of the Rail Passengers Association, a rail advocacy group, said that it was not uncommon for communities to see the debate fracture into an argument over whether local funds should go toward subsidizing rail travel for the wealthy, and something Amtrak might see crop up in future expansion efforts.

“They will deploy the old arguments because they do resonate,” Mr. Mathews said, adding that Amtrak must shift the conversation toward the economic benefits of expanding rail service because “as long as the conversation continues to be ‘why are we subsidizing land cruises for old people?’ you’re

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