Road bike tech that failed | Top 5 dead ends

Being an early adopter in cycling means you get to be first to ride exciting new tech. There is a downside though in that sometimes new concepts just don’t catch on, and they get abandoned by the wayside.

Road bike tech has undergone seismic changes in recent years, with disc brakes, electronic shifting and other new tech disrupting the status quo and taking over at the top end.

These advances have brought great benefits to riders, but spawned numerous orphaned, obsolete or simply downright inelegant products. Here are our top five road tech dead ends.

1. Hydraulic rim brakes


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Highway Hi-Fi, the Revolutionary Vinyl-In-Your-Car Tech that Failed

Early cars were mostly A-to-B carriers so comfort wasn’t a major concern until luxury cars became widely available in the 1920s. But even so, mobile radio technology didn’t become commercially viable until 1930. It was still expensive though, with the first radio units costing one third of the price of a compact car.

AM radios eventually became a standard feature toward the end of 1930s, while AM/FM units with a scan function arrived in the early 1950s. While having an in-car radio was a big thing at the time, drivers were at the mercy of radio DJs for music. So

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