Top 10 fastest naturally aspirated cars ever made

1. McLaren F1: 391kmph

Ah, the McLaren F1. Arguably the greatest car ever made. Developed with just one thing in mind, to be the greatest drivers car of all time. The F1 is the brainchild of professor Gordon Murray who led McLaren’s Formula One team in the late 80s. He presented the idea of creating a car with central driving position, a high capacity naturally aspirated V12 engine, an ultra light kerb weight and no driving aids to the top management at McLaren in 1988, whilst waiting at the Italian airport returning from the Italian GP. And hey, he was

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Subaru Forester Falls Off The Fastest Selling New Cars List – One Reason Why

The 2021 Subaru Forester was in the top 3 fastest selling compact SUVs this year, but it falls off the list for March. Two new models, the Toyota RAV4 Prime and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid stay number one and two on the latest iSeeCars fastest-selling new cars list.

The two Toyota models have the latest fuel-sipping technology, and the 2021 Subaru Forester stays with its 2.5-liter gas engine for U.S. customers. Forester is still the brand’s best-selling model, but the question remains, when will the Japanese automaker offer a Forester Hybrid version?

photo credit: Adventure Subaru

Even without offering a

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Line of Duty’s fastest cars ranked

It’s difficult to work out which has the most acronyms and abbreviations – the police anti-corruption unit AC-12 featured in Line of Duty, or the specification sheet for a premium car laden with gadgets and gizmos.

But if you know a DIR (digital interview recording) from a DS (detective sergeant), an ARV (armed response vehicle) from an AFO (authorised firearms officer), then you’re probably more interested in the tongue-twisters and gobbledygook of the BBC series.

The best performing drama on UK television since Bodyguard in 2018, the sixth series of Line of Duty continues on Sunday night. It follows the

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