In Focus: The Effects of the Pandemic on Industrial Design

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every facet of our economy, increasing a cultural reliance on e-commerce that is here to stay. Retailers have responded by minimizing square footage of brick-and-mortar store fronts, keeping less inventory on site, and focusing more on entertainment and experiential retail to keep shoppers engaged. As a result, the need for warehousing and industrial space has exploded, driving the desire for large-scale, innovative facilities that maximize efficiency and logistical operations.

The literal driving force behind the industrial surge is the expansion of transportation capabilities worldwide, with international trade becoming the

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US Transportation Sec. to Focus on Equity, Sustainability

As tempting as it is to focus the efforts of the nation’s chief transportation organization on advanced transportation ideas like high-speed trains or electric vehicles, the country’s roads and bridges likely need the most attention. 

“I want to emphasize that a lot of what we’ve got to do is dealing with a maintenance backlog,” said Pete Buttigieg, secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation. “‘Fix it first’ I think is going to be a very important mantra for us. It doesn’t always have the same sizzle as adding something new. But the truth is, we’ve got to be doing both.” 

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JLR axed electric Land Rover, Jaguar on MLA platform to focus on better tech

JLR is looking for a partner for a new electric platform for future battery-powered Jaguars.

The reason for cutting the MLA-mid program was partly because it would not have helped JLR make deep enough emissions cuts, Mardell said. “Reimagine is about being one step ahead on compliance. The current MLA program would not have done that for us,” he said. “We would have been in catch-up in this compliance and that just isn’t good enough in this industry today.”

JLR said on Jan. 29 that it now expects a fine of 35 million pounds for missing its 2020 European Union

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