Technique to automatically discover simulation configurations for behaviors hard to test

The research team at National Institute of Informatics developed a technique to search automatically for simulation configurations that test various behaviors of automated driving systems. This research was conducted under ERATO-MMSD project. The proposed technique iterates trials on simulations using an optimization method called evolutionary computation so that it discovers simulation configurations that lead to specific features of driving behaviors such as high acceleration, deceleration, and steering operation. This research was presented in ICST 2021. Credit: © National Institute of Informatics

A research team led by Fuyuki Ishikawa at the National Institute of Informatics (NII, Japan) has developed a technique

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Tesla Is Making It Hard For Other Car Companies To Compete

When Henry Ford made the assembly line happen, automobile prices dropped like a rock into a pond. The ripple effect that it had after that set a precedence that as technology and advancements occur, things should cost less.

Well, that victory was short-lived. As competition grew more intense, automotive makers had to pack their cars with better features to outsell each other. The issue with that is that it made cars more expensive, even though the value to the consumer increased.

With many types of technology, flat-screen TV’s for example, initially had incredibly high prices. I recently went through a

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