Jaguar Land Rover composites project to advance EV lightweighting, reduce emissions

Photo Credit: Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover (Whitley, U.K.) is preparing for future electric vehicles (EVs) with advanced lightweight composite research that the company says will help deliver increased range, greater performance and a more dynamic drive.

The Tucana project is a four year program with a goal to make the U.K. a world leader in low-carbon technology, by preventing 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions between 2023 and 2032. This is expected to be achieved by accelerating mainstream use of EVs and lighter vehicles for decreased tailpipe emissions and reduced energy consumption of electrified powertrains.

The research

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JLR axed electric Land Rover, Jaguar on MLA platform to focus on better tech

JLR is looking for a partner for a new electric platform for future battery-powered Jaguars.

The reason for cutting the MLA-mid program was partly because it would not have helped JLR make deep enough emissions cuts, Mardell said. “Reimagine is about being one step ahead on compliance. The current MLA program would not have done that for us,” he said. “We would have been in catch-up in this compliance and that just isn’t good enough in this industry today.”

JLR said on Jan. 29 that it now expects a fine of 35 million pounds for missing its 2020 European Union

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Jaguar Land Rover will shed a quarter of its production capacity

Jaguar Land Rover will slash its manufacturing capacity by 25 percent over five years and write off investment in products it’s decided to scrap under new CEO Thierry Bollore.

The British carmaker will take a non-cash charge of about 1 billion pounds ($1.4 billion) in the quarter ending in March related to higher previous spending and projects it won’t complete, according to an investor presentation. The company said last week it was calling off plans to build a battery-powered replacement of the Jaguar XJ sedan.

The Tata Motors Ltd.-owned manufacturer’s new business plan under Bollore, 57, includes making the Jaguar

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Jaguar Land Rover quality issues ‘cost company 100,000 sales,’ CEO says

LONDON — Jaguar Land Rover loses more than 100,000 sales annually due to customer perception of quality issues with its models, CEO Thierry Bollore said.

JLR has long struggled to have the same quality standards as its rivals, but the company has made “dramatic improvements” on reliability recently, Bollore told investors on a call on Friday.

“The dissatisfaction of our customers was really detrimental to our natural volume. The missed opportunities today are massive,” he said. “It’s more than 100,000 healthy sales that we could perform.”

Land Rover came second last in the most recent JD Power survey in the

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Why Renault has not joined Ford, Jaguar, Volvo in all-electric pledges

Ford of Europe, Volvo, Jaguar and Bentley are among the automakers who have publicly committed to zero-emissions lineups, but Renault CEO Luca de Meo says he sees no need to do that yet, because regulations will effectively require such a move in the next decade anyway.

Renault Group’s announced model plans include more than 10 full-electric vehicles out of 24 new models by 2025. For the Renault brand, 50 percent of launches by that year will be full electric. 

De Meo’s Renaulution strategy does not formally go beyond 2025, with the most important task to return the group to profitability

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JLR seeks partner for Jaguar EV platform

Automakers are increasingly looking outside their company for platforms to increase scale and reduce development costs. Ford  Motor, for example, will use Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric-only platform to develop its first Europe-focused battery-powered car, due in 2023.

The choice of partner and platform will be partly dictated by the designs being drawn up by JLR’s head of design, Gerry McGovern. “It has to respect the proportion of the designs,” Bollore said.

McGovern is being given a high level of freedom to decide what type of car the new models will be, and the new architecture will have to fit in

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