ASTRO America Selected to Manage U.S. Army’s Effort to Build World’s Largest Metal 3D Printer for Ground Vehicle Production | State

BETHESDA, Md., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Experts Devise Novel Approach to Vehicle Production. Efforts Focused on Manufacturing Process for Reducing Cost, Weight and Production Times While Increasing Survivability. Single, Massive Component Production Will Significantly Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency. Program Contracted Through LIFT, the DoD-Supported Manufacturing Innovation Institute 

The Applied Science & Technology Research Organization, or ASTRO America, today announced it has been selected to manage a new U.S. Army initiative to develop and deliver a hull-scale tool using metal additive manufacturing technology. Known as the “Jointless Hull Project,” the effort aims to provide improved production speeds,

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Right-Handed Metal Guitarist Relearns as Lefty After Car Accident

Philippe Drouin, guitarist for Canadian technical death metal band Obvurt, spent three years relearning guitar as a left-handed player after a car accident rendered him unable to continue playing as a right-hand-dominant musician.

For any musician, losing the ability to perform your instrument is life-changing. Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi nearly gave up playing guitar after accidentally severing the tips of the fingers on his right hand in a factory accident at the age of 17. But, through an iron will and remarkable perseverance, he adapted by melting plastic to form makeshift thimbles, which he wrapped in leather to aid his

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Could these NASA-developed ‘space-age metal’ bike tyres make punctures a thing of the past?

With solid tyres never really catching on for roadies, could this new airless metal invention using tech straight from NASA’s labs consign punctures to history? The start-up SMART Tire Company says its new METL bicycle tyre uses the same airless shape memory (SMA) tyre technology that NASA invented for use in outer space on Mar Rover missions, and “still rides smooth” despite being made of a light and flexible metal. 

> Vittoria launches run-flat Air-Liner inserts for road bikes

Made from advanced, lightweight materials known as NiTinol+, the METL tyre promises to be elastic like rubber but is as strong

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These metal bicycle tyres will never puncture

The mesh-like tyre has a lot less tread contact patch, than a rubber one would (Photo: SMART)

  • Flat tyres are a deeply annoying, and continual, problem for cyclists
  • Using true space travel technology, a new tyre company might have found the solution to preventing all punctures
  • These airless tyres use a very special metal construction

The cycling industry likes to market space age technology solutions, for normal riding problems.

An obsession with strength and low mass, has made carbon-fibre and titanium the wonder materials for cyclists. Of course, advanced carbon-fibre and titanium both owe much of their initial development,

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Non-Pneumatic Metal Tires for Bicycles, Based on NASA Technology

A startup called the Smart Tire Company has licensed the technology NASA uses for their Mars Rover’s wheels, and plans to roll it out in bicycle form.

Their METL tires are made from shape memory alloy, which they claim is as elastic as rubber, but with the strength of titanium; the material “rearranges its molecular structure when you bend it, but instantly goes back to its original shape, perfectly,” they write.

The metal doesn’t actually come into contact with the road (or gravel, or dirt) surface, by the way; the tires will be outfitted with “a new, formulated rubber-like material,

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Smart’s Airless Tires are Made From Metal & Designed for Mars

Airless tires are nothing new. We’ve seen everything from foam to carbon nanotubes attempting to replace the pneumatic design but the simplicity of rubber and air always seems to win out.

Hoping to change all that is Smart Tyre Company who are bringing NASA technology to the bicycle world with a nickel-titanium alloy (also known as NiTinol+) shape memory tire called Metl that they claim “is elastic like rubber yet strong like titanium.”

So, where has this technology come from? Well, Mars exploration presented NASA with a problem as it is too cold for traditional rubber tires and the solid

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