Orlando officials hope the city can lead the burgeoning ‘air taxi’ industry

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Dreams of flying cars have existed since the days of Jules Verne, but the possibility of localized air travel is now quickly becoming a reality.
On Tuesday, the Orlando city council voted to express interest in joining NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility Research and Demonstration Program.

NASA researchers are hard at work in a Silicon Valley research center to understand and implement advanced air mobility (AAM). If selected to join the program, NASA will hold multiple local workshops to understand how best to integrate AAM into local transportation systems. The project seeks to usher in a new

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All Hail the Air Taxi?

The Chicago Tribune’s social media team has been pushing a story about air taxi service from downtown to O’Hare pretty hard on twitter the past several weeks.

I bookmarked the tweet to read later, which means I was never, ever going to read it. Then last week, the American Planning Association tweeted out a link to their take on flying taxis.

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