Hyundai Pony EV concept shows off retro style with electric tech

UPDATE, APRIL 16: Hyundai Australia has revealed more about its Pony EV concept. This story has been updated to reflect those details.

The Hyundai Pony EV concept is a one-off styling exercise that shows off the role EV technology will play in the exploding restomod scene. 

Legendary automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro conceived the first generation of Pony. In its day it was an icon of personal mobility created by Hyundai during its mass production from 1975-1990. The hatchback car was the nation’s first mass-produced and exported vehicle.

In 2021, championed by Hyundai’s head of interior design, Hak Soo Ha, the

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Huawei to invest in electric cars and self-driving tech

Huawei is the latest Chinese tech giant to announce its intentions to compete in the automotive sector at the same level as the established automakers.

In a presentation to analysts on Monday, Huawei Co-Chairman Eric Xu said the company planned to invest in electric vehicles and self-driving technology, Bloomberg reported.

Xu’s comments were made just a week after Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi said it planned to launch its own cars. Chinese search engine giant Baidu in January also announced a plan to launch cars.

Huawei is already a leader in self-driving technology, with its prototypes already able to handle complex

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Chinese and other tech giants bet on smart car revolution

The electric car sector is becoming increasingly crowded as more tech companies jump on the bandwagon, pushing a radical shake-up of the 138-year-old global auto industry.

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is the latest newcomer in the electric vehicle, race with a plan to invest $10 billion over the next decade. At a March event unveiling the company’s plans, billionaire founder and CEO Lei Jun called the new initiative “the most significant decision in Xiaomi’s history” and said it will require “full efforts for at least five to 10 years.”

Rumors of Xiaomi’s push into carmaking have been around for a

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Best Tech Stocks Today? 3 Tech Penny Stocks to Watch Right Now

Why Tech Stocks Continue to See Momentum in April 2021

In April, tech penny stocks are seeing a great deal of momentum. Last week, shares of several FAANG stocks hit fresh, record highs. With declining bond yields and investors focusing on growth stocks, the majority of the major tech stocks are seeing large bullish sentiment.

Before finding penny stocks to watch, investors can identify larger macroeconomic trends. One of the ways we can identify these trends is through the movement of the tech-heavy NASDAQ composite index. Year to date, the NASDAQ has pushed up by more than 9% as of

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Lexus Teammate advanced driver assist tech headed to 2022 LS 500h in the U.S.

Toyota showed off a new advanced driver assist system for the Mirai and Lexus LS in Japan on Thursday this week. At that time, there were details, but no indication of whether the system would make it to U.S.-bound Toyota and Lexus products. We have answers today.

This Level 2 driver assistance system will be deployed in the U.S. in the 2022 Lexus LS 500h when it launches later this year. Lexus is naming it “Lexus Teammate,” making it obvious from the start that this is no fully autonomous vehicle. The system is your teammate; it’s not taking over, and

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Toyota launches semi-autonomous tech in Japan, coming to US in the fall

  • In Japan, Toyota unveiled new versions of the Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai equipped with Advanced Drive, the company’s advanced-driver assist system.
  • Toyota says the 2022 LS 500h AWD will use the system, arriving in the fall.
  • Advanced Drive features a level 2 autonomous system.

    With the global auto industry’s push toward vehicles becoming cleaner and safer, Toyota Motor Corp. unveiled in Japan new versions of the Lexus LS and Toyota Mirai, both equipped with advanced-driver assistance. Toyota officials in the US told Autoweek the 2022 LS 500h AWD with Advanced Drive, as the system is called, is expected to

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