Singletrack Issue 136 The Future Of MTB Technology

Dean Hersey gets fully crystal ball and looks at what the mountain bikes we ride might look like in the near-enough future. Will we finally get the hover-bikes we were promised?

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Editor’s Note: This article was published in issue 136 of Singletrack World Magazine but due to a printing error on our part half of the article was not. This is the full article as intended, with our apologies to our print magazine readers.

Just imagine for a minute that the year is 2041. I have some wild visions of electromagnetic hover bikes like

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Innoviz Announces Another Breakthrough in LiDAR Technology

InnovizTwo LiDAR sensor is specifically designed for automakers and Robotaxi, shuttle, and delivery companies requiring an automotive-grade, mass-producible solution. Leveraging on previous generations InnovizPro and InnovizOne, the new InnovizTwo 905nm LiDAR enjoys the vast expertise developed at Innoviz. 

“On our path to become the market leader, we feel responsible for helping to improve market understanding of LiDARs.  Our LiDAR offers an impeccable visual performance, at such an impressive price point. I believe InnovizTwo is the world’s most powerful LiDAR that will very soon make autonomous vehicles an everyday safer reality,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and Co-Founder of Innoviz. “Its

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Bike Helmet Market by Latest Trend, Growing Demand and Technology Advancement 2020-2025

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Author: Sachin Pashte 
Category: #news

Global Bike Helmet Market report contains all study material about overview, growth, demand and forecast research report in all over the world. This report offers some penetrating overview and solution in the complex world Global Bike Helmet industry in global market.

The research literature on Bike Helmet market methodically investigates the workings of this business sphere and the course it will take during 2020-2027. It highlights the key trends, growth drivers, opportunities, limitations, and challenges which will mold the industry dynamics in the ensuing years. Proceeding further, it illuminates the top regional

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Toyota unveils new models in advanced driver-assist technology push

TOKYO (Reuters) -Toyota Motor Corp unveiled on Thursday new models of Lexus and Mirai in Japan, equipped with advanced driver assistance, as competition heats up to develop more self-driving and connected cars.

Toyota’s latest launch comes as automakers, electric car startups and tech giants invest heavily in so-called active safety features.

The Japanese carmaker’s new driving assist technology, or Advanced Drive, features a level 2 autonomous system that helps driving, such as limiting the car in its lane, maintaining the distance from other vehicles and changing lanes under the driver’s supervision on expressways or other motor-vehicle only roads.

The luxury

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China builds advanced weapons systems using American technology

Phytium portrays itself as a commercial company aspiring to become a global chip giant like Intel. It does not publicize its connections to the research arms of the People’s Liberation Army.

The hypersonic test facility is located at the China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC), which also obscures its military connections though it is run by a PLA major general, according to public documents, and the former officials and analysts, many of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter.

Phytium’s partnership with CARDC offers a prime example of how China

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2022 Lexus LS 500h Arrives This Fall With Lexus Teammate Advanced Driver Assistance Technology

Developed based on the Mobility Teammate Concept, Lexus Teammate is built on the belief that people and vehicles can work together in partnership to help achieve safe, convenient, and efficient mobility. Lexus Teammate on the LS 500h with AWD provides two functions: Advanced Drive and Advanced Park.

Advanced Drive
Advanced Drive is designed to accurately detect driving conditions to plan and execute acceleration, braking, and steering commands to maintain the vehicle within the lane, follow other vehicles, change lanes, navigate certain interchanges and traffic jams and overtake slower vehicles. Advanced Drive supports SAE Level 2 functionality that allows for driving

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