Textron Unveils New Prototype for Advance Reconnaissance Vehicle Program

JUST IN: Textron Unveils New Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle Prototype

Textron photo

Textron Systems announced on May 4 its new prototype vehicle — dubbed Cottonmouth — for the Marine Corps’ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle program.

The Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle, or ARV, is intended to replace the service’s legacy Light Armored Vehicle-25, which is built by General Dynamics Land Systems and has been in use since the 1980s.

“As we understand it, the intent here is that the Marines want to replace their current fleet of … over 600 LAV-25s currently in service with up to 500 Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicles, said David Phillips,

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Textron Submits Concept for Marine Corps Advanced Recon Vehicle

Textron Systems’ Cottonmouth concept for the Marine Corps’ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle. TEXTRON SYSTEMS

ARLINGTON, Va. — Textron Systems has submitted to the Marine Corps its proposal for the competition to build the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV), a Corps requirement for an amphibious scout vehicle that will serve as a sensor node in the Corp’s planned modernization to meet the challenges of great power competition with expeditionary advanced base operations in the Indo-Pacific region.  

The ARV proposal, called Cottonmouth by Textron, is designed to be a “next -generation Naval Sensor Node,” fitted with “cutting edge sensor technology,” the company said in

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