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LOS ANGELES — As LA, and the rest of the world, shifted to telecommuting during the pandemic, there was a surprising side effect. Some workers got more done. A global survey that included 830 LA employees working from home during COVID found that Angelenos spent about 2% more time doing productive work. Those with commutes of 40 minutes or longer showed the most gains.

“People with longer commutes prior to COVID report being more productive,” said Joseph Sherlock, senior researcher with the Duke Center for Advanced Hindsight, which partnered with the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority on the study. The

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Virginia Tech’s ‘doodler’ brings campus to life in stressful times (copy) |

“I try to get a lot of our staff and wage employees, because they’re like our heroes,” he said.

Before the pandemic, White would spend an hour before work every day sitting at a Starbucks in Christiansburg, where he lives, sketching customers.

“I love watching people. Just being an anthropologist,” he said. “Cannot get enough of it.”

On a recent Wednesday, White describes his doodling process as he sketches a skating rink put up for one of Tech’s five “well-being days,” this semester, devised to split up spring break. It also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, and White is

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