Ultimate Collector Cars shows the most desirable vintage cars of all time

A new double-volume anthology presents 100 of the most collectible cars from across history. In a Dezeen exclusive, authors Charlotte and Peter Fiell pick out seven cars that top the list, including a Mercedes Benz thought to be the most valuable car in the world.

Published by Taschen, Ultimate Collector Cars showcases some of the most innovative examples of automotive design ever produced, in exquisite detail.

“It’s 100 of the rarest, most desirable, most extraordinary and most collectible cars of all time,” said Peter Fiell. “The total value of the cars in the book is over $1.2 billion.”

“At the

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Autonomous Cars: Ultimate feature of next-generation vehicles

In our previous article, we touched upon the promising potential of connected cars as well as the related developing legal frameworks. For the third article of the series, we will focus on the “A” of CASE – Autonomous vehicle, one of the hottest topics in the industry that promises a game-changing feature for tomorrow’s cars that will forever the change the future of mobility.

Autonomous cars in a nutshell

The idea of making self-driving vehicles emerged almost a century ago but has never been closer to reality as we have seen in recent years. To automate a vehicle, engineers

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