Vintage Car Magazines from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s

Those old hot rodding magazines could be worth some cash.

When hot rodding started growing in popularity in the late ’40s, it didn’t take long for enthusiast magazines to start popping up to cover the hobby. Once a month, gearheads opened their mailboxes or headed to the nearest newsstand to grab the newest issue of their favorite magazines. When they got those magazines, they saved them, for months, years, and for the rest of their lives, until they became collector’s items.

Jerry Dixey has been well known as the organizer and leader of the Street Rodder Road Tour for 25

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Ultimate Collector Cars shows the most desirable vintage cars of all time

A new double-volume anthology presents 100 of the most collectible cars from across history. In a Dezeen exclusive, authors Charlotte and Peter Fiell pick out seven cars that top the list, including a Mercedes Benz thought to be the most valuable car in the world.

Published by Taschen, Ultimate Collector Cars showcases some of the most innovative examples of automotive design ever produced, in exquisite detail.

“It’s 100 of the rarest, most desirable, most extraordinary and most collectible cars of all time,” said Peter Fiell. “The total value of the cars in the book is over $1.2 billion.”

“At the

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