3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks Leading the New Wave

Sometimes, a new technology will change the world forever. 5,000 years ago, a nameless Sumerian started marking clay tablets with a stylus, and invented writing; a little over three centuries ago, the steam engine took its place in our lives; early in the last century, Henry Ford came up with the assembly line. There’s no telling what innovation will prove to be game-changing; but it is possible to narrow the field down. And that brings us to AI.

Artificial Intelligence, AI, may just be the next big idea. It’s not quite new – computer scientists and programmers have been

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Renault Plans New Wave of Electrified Models

  • Renault plans to increase share of electric and electrified models in its lineup, aiming to offer 9 out of 10 models in electrified form by 2030.
  • Software République project brings together several tech giants to create an ecosystem for mobility and connected services.
  • Renault plans to develop car component recycling, aiming to reuse almost 80% of strategic components in new batteries.

    The French automaker announced its own electrification strategy for the next decade, after a wave of similar announcements by automakers small and large over the past several months. Renault’s plan dubbed Nouvelle Vague, or New Wave, envisions the

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    The Battery Show & EV Tech Europe Digital Days Announces Second Wave of Globally Renowned Speakers

    SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Battery Show & EV Tech Europe Digital Days, a three-day digital event, strategically scheduled for 18-20 May to connect and educate industry professionals during a time of immense disruption via technical sessions, panels, networking opportunities, and digital sourcing, today announced the second raft of speakers confirmed to address the advanced battery and hybrid & electric vehicle (H/EV) tech community. Executives and senior-level experts from 3M, EnBW, McLaren Applied, Punch Powertrain, Renault, among many others, will present novel solutions and lead technical demonstrations that address the industry’s leading challenges. The online conference will

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    Tesla safety tech takes giant step with FCC approval for wave sensor

    Tesla’s request for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to approve a millimeter-wave sensor for child protection and anti-theft measures has been granted. Along with five other companies, Tesla received “a grant of waivers” on April 14, 2021, that would allow the installation of radar sensors in the 57-64 GHz frequency band in passenger motor vehicles. The system is now likely to contribute to the imminent release of a driver monitoring system, which would keep drivers attentive during the use of the company’s Full Self-Driving suite.

    The document also granted Vayyar Imaging Ltd., Valeo North America, Infineon Technologies America Corp, IEE

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