What is an automaker? The EV redefines it — Friday, April 23, 2021 — www.eenews.net

In a video from REE Automotive, a startup out of Israel, its marquee product acts like an automobile, swerving around traffic cones and over bumps. But crucial stuff is missing. No doors or windows, no steering wheel, no fenders or brake pedals. It’s just a board with wheels.

Yet it is a four-wheeled, self-powered vehicle with the ability to accelerate, brake and steer. So it’s an automobile. Or is it?

This is one of the unsettling questions raised by REE, which identifies its product as simply the “corners.” The idea is to provide a platform upon which others can build

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6 questions, answers about Biden’s spending plan — Monday, April 12, 2021 — www.eenews.net

President Biden offered a first glimpse last week into his fiscal 2022 budget, outlining a $1.5 trillion plan for discretionary spending that would boost many energy and environmental programs.

Biden, during remarks to reporters Friday, said the budget “makes major investments in the fight against climate change.”

While the proposal contains top-line spending figures and highlights a host of major domestic initiatives, it also leaves out many details — ranging from specific program costs to tax and revenue plans.

Those details will come later this spring when the administration sends its comprehensive budget to Capitol Hill.

As Congress, agencies and

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Biden’s $2T infrastructure plan would overhaul grid — Wednesday, March 31, 2021 — www.eenews.net

President Biden will unveil a $2 trillion, eight-year plan today that features efforts to speed up a transition to clean energy, including $100 billion to upgrade the U.S. electric grid and to give the Energy Department more clout in disputes over siting power lines.

The sweeping “American Jobs Plan,” which Biden will begin pitching at an event this afternoon in energy-rich Pennsylvania, also calls for huge investments in carbon capture projects, $174 billion in electric vehicles, and the repeal of subsidies and foreign tax credits for the fossil fuel industry.

Citing the recent Texas power outages, White House officials said

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