That’s ratty: A car show unlike any you’ve seen | Latitude 65

Ratty Muscle of Alaska will present the 4th Annual Cars with Character show, taking place at the Fox Den on Sunday, featuring Interior Alaska’s most imperfect vehicles.

Cars with Character is an annual car show unlike any other in Alaska. Immaculate paint, leather interiors, and nut and bolt restorations do not interest the judges. The stars of the show are the family station wagon that made it through the ‘67 flood, the truck that rolls in with 40-year-old bias ply tires, or the Frankenstein off-roading machine that is made to go anywhere but we couldn’t tell you what it’s made of.

A car show for those who don’t attend car shows. A place for people to come together with their forever projects, the truck they just pulled out of the woods, or their parents ‘80s muscle car restoration. A by-product of such an event is knowledge being passed down in the automotive community, offers of help or parts are always overheard while perusing the show.

The trophies are as unique as the show itself. Shiny polished trophies with engraved plaques simply aren’t the Ratty Muscle way, rather, if you are lucky enough to walk away with an RMAK trophy, you will receive something like a painted piston, a pinstriped muffler, or a metal fuel can.

The entry fee is a similar story, 5 hotwheels/matchbox cars gets you and your vehicle entered in the show. These cars are donated to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital pediatric ward after the show. RMAK is invested in the Fairbanks and surrounding community because we are a product of this community and hope to continue to inspire others to resurrect their vehicles.

Staging starts at 10 a.m. with the show from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, July 25th, at Fox Den, 2110 Steese Highway. For for more information, call 907-482-3255 or email [email protected].

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