Tyner native’s vehicle featured on website | Local

A Tyner native’s passion for customized vehicles was recently recognized on autoevolution.com, a website and YouTube channel that focuses on the latest automotive news.

Vance “Shocka” Wright graduated from John A. Holmes High School in 2001. After a stint in the US Army, he was medically retired. He now lives near Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The vehicle on the website features LED lights along the bottom that change colors. The body is wrapped in a skin depicting “The Transformers,” fictional robot characters from TV and movies from the planet Cyberton, which also has a spot on the wrap. Throughout the vehicle’s design, you can see the logos of the evil Decepticons and good Autobots. The group’s leaders, Megatron and Optimus Prime, battle on the driver’s side.

Wright said he bought the Dodge Charger Scat Pack in 2017. He also started a car club, MOPAR SAVAGE car club, in Kentucky. His vehicles have won several awards at car shows in his area.

“I wanted a family oriented group similar to what I had in the Army, so I started my own car club here in Kentucky,” he said. “We primarily link up, have a good time and travel together to car shows. Recently I started the club in Raleigh, North Carolina ,and I have Ashley Chislom as the president.”

Wright said he has always had a love of cars because of his grandfather, brother and cousins.

You can find more about Wright’s passion for cars on Instagram and YouTube under the username Shocka252 .

“I use ‘252’ to pay homage to my hometown of Tyner/Edenton,” he said.

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