Volkswagen to end combustion car sales in Europe by 2035

The deadline for the US and China is a little later.

The end of the road for internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered Volkswagen models have been marked in Europe, and it’s anytime between 2033 and 2035. That’s according to VW Sales Chief Klaus Zellmer in an interview with a German newspaper, Muenchner Merkur, brought to light by Automotive News Europe.

a blue car parked on the side of a road: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition Exterior

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2021 Volkswagen ID.4 1st Edition Exterior

At this point, we’re not exactly surprised as more automakers have already announced similar green plans in the past months or so – all in vie to negate carbon footprint and help clean up the environment. And, to be able to comply with stricter emission regulations in Europe, of course.

In the same interview, Zellmer added that the deadline for the US and China are “somewhat later” though a specific year wasn’t mentioned. In South America and Africa, this move will take a “good deal longer” since both regions aren’t ready for EVs yet, politically and with their infrastructure framework conditions.

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Again, we’re not surprised. Take note that the deadline is only set for the Volkswagen brand and not the entire Volkswagen Group that ranks the second best-selling automaker in the world in 2020. But to give a wider perspective, Zellmer told the publication that the entire VW fleet should be CO2-neutral by 2050 at least.

Not exactly surprising, is it?

VW is on schedule with its EV push. We’ve already seen several ID models, including the ID.4 that’s already in the US, and we’re expecting more to come in the years and months to come. 

While several automakers have designated various deadlines with their EV push, there is one thing in common among each brand – electrification is coming. It’s just a matter of when, plus how soon can the countries keep up with the shift to charging stations from fuel pumps.

Source: Muenchner Merkur via Automotive News Europe

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